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We're creating an awesome club to bring all things Tiki direct to your home.

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Tiki club

From the team behind the Hidden Cove is a brand new, curated, Tiki gift club. Bringing you tasty tiki cocktail recipes and ingredients, tropical gifts to enhance your home bar, tiki mugs and glasses, and apparel - direct to your door.

Sign up to our mailing list to be notified when we launch, and become a proud Founder member receiving 10% off for life, plus special Founder surprise gifts during the course of the year.

Tiki mugs and glasses

New Tiki mugs and glasses every month to add to your collection.

Cocktail Recipes and Ingredients

Love cocktails, of course you do - grab our custom cocktail recipe cards and the ingredients to make them.

Tropical gifts

Decorate your home bar, or add a little flair to your drinks. We'll add a little gift to each box just for you.

Founders specials

Sign up to our mailing list and become a Founder member of the club. Not only will you get 10% off your orders, but we'll also send you a surprise every now and then as a thank you.

If you can't get to paradise, I'll bring it to you.

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We're creating an awesome club to bring all things Tiki to your doorstop.

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